what's new?

we have got a new project in the works over here in my
neck of the woods. the mister, little fella and i ventured
out to the home depot today to pick up some lumber for
our new deck that we (actually the mister) are going to build
in our front courtyard. we live in a tiny space, so we are always
trying to make the most of what we have. our last project was
the sandbox and this project will not only add to, but almost
complete our summer additions. we still have one major project
that goes along with this one and my hope is that i
will be able to share it with you soon...

this little van is the best, good for hauling kiddo's,
surfboards, lumber, you name it!

the project site

while we were out and about working on our project
a special package arrived with these...

new shoes for the little fella

he was so excited he marched his cutie patootie
right over to the neighbors to show them off

that's right he's lookin good, feelin good and workin it!

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