thirty five today

today i turned thirty five. as a kid i can remember saying to myself, " i can't wait until i am 12, 16, or 21." i always wanted to be older than i was. however, thirty five never even entered my mind as a kid. but, here i am today at thirty five and it's good. thirty five feels good. i've been thinking of how i want this year to be different for me. i want a little more meaning for this year. maybe because i have always heard that with age comes wisdom and it is possible that i might just be getting a little wiser because i certainly know i am getting older. so here's what i've come up with
for my 35th year...

1. be confident in myself as a woman, wife and mother.
2. finish the quilt i started when i was like 18.
3. spend more time with the mister
4. read more books
5. watch less tv
6. plant a garden
7. take a trip to palm springs
8. give gifts that have been homemade
9. cook more homemade meals
10. learn to knit/crochet a hat
11. be more adventurous
12. stop comparing myself to other people
13. do more yoga
14. go roller skating
15. eat more fresh fruit + veggies
16. fit into to my pre-pregnancy jeans
17. send "thinking of you" notes to my friends
18. scrapbook the first year of life for each of my kiddo's
19. find a good babysitter
20. go to the snow
21. make a succulent wall
22. laugh more
23. be optimistic
24. be thankful
25. enjoy every minute with my kiddo's who soon enough will be 35 too
26. hug and kiss my mom more
27. spend more time at the beach
28. take more pictures of me with the kiddo's

i am sure i will think of more things i want for this year as it goes on,
but this is a pretty good start for the big 35. happy birthday me!



i have been wanting to do this post for awhile, but time is just not on my side lately. i've been busy with this, and taking care of these and getting ready for a celebration for him and at the end of the day i just don't have time to do this - blog. but here i am and here it goes. a few weeks ago we went on an adventure to chinatown with our homeschool group. this was the first time i have ever been. i have lived in southern california my entire life and have never been to chinatown and the reason for this is because i don't like going to LA. i know crazy, right? but it's just too busy and crowded and i drive a vanagon and i don't want to break down in LA with two kiddo's. thankfully the mister went on this adventure with us and we all had a super fun time. i really enjoyed our time together as a family, as a group, and for a little bit, by myself. i fell in love with all of the colors. i have always loved red, i have been falling in love with turquoise, and yellow has just been one of my all time loves. so i snapped a lot of photos while we were there and here are a few of them...

the classic sign at the entrance to the plaza

red lanterns were everywhere.
i am not sure if they are always there
or just because it was so close to
the chinese new year

i told you i love red,
so when my kiddo's stand
next to red i take lots of pics

i love the contrast between the red + turquoise

decorations for the new year

these two are pretty cute

more red + turquoise

my beloved yellow

and this mister was just such
a fashionista with his
turquoise pants + black velvet sports coat
oh and his hat - love it!

lots of colors on all of the sidewalk shops

my favorite sign in front of the phoenix bakery

i'm not sure why, but i just like this photo
maybe because everything is just so random and cut off

this was hanging from the ceiling in the bakery

red + turquoise + yellow = love

a new years offering

our chinatown goodies

so, friends if you have never done the chinatown adventure, i highly recommend it. it was such a fun day and maybe something i might just do again.


today he's two

two years ago today our little fella came into our lives.
it was such a happy day for our whole family.
this little guy continues to bring us happiness everyday.
he is such a joy to be around even when he is being the ornery
little stinker that he is. i am so thankful to be his mama,
i can't imagine my life without him and look forward to being
his mama for the rest of my life. i love you little fella.
here are a few of my favorite photo's from the last two
years of his life. happy birthday big boy...