the closet from h+e+double hockey sticks

ok, friends we have lived here for almost seven months and though it was my intention to organize the closets as we unpacked, it didn't happen. instead what did happen was this...

everything got piled into one closet and as we got more things, they just got piled up on top of the old things. it's a disaster and i was tired of it. so, today i cleaned the closet.

i started with pulling everything out. seriously, where did all this stuff come from and why do i have so much of it. it's a complete and utter mess. after i pulled everything out, i began to sift through it and i scored. look what i found on the bottom of an old wicker basket...

old issues of domino magazine! do you know how stoked i am. i love this magazine and forgot that i saved them. especially cool because this magazine is out of print now. yay! more stuff to read and be inspired by! (isn't it ironic that the first magazine on top of the pile is the "organized home". i didn't even mean for that to happen)

then, i found these old national geographics. this was like my favorite magazine when i was a kid. occasionally i buy them used at the library. this is a stack that was also in that same wicker basket that i had forgotten about. another score - i should clean out closets more often.

i also found a bag of homemade play dough. it made this little fella's day (for awhile that is)

ahhhh.... the finished project. i now have an organized sewing + craft closet with space to fill. meanwhile, while i was finishing up on my closet, guess who thought he would start on his closet...

oh friends, it never ends! looks like i know what i will be doing tomorrow!