flower fields

i have to apologize. i wanted to post this a week ago and didn't get
the chance to do it. but, i wanted to share these photo's with you because
we had such a great time at the flower fields in carlsbad. we went about a
week and half ago, which was the last week of the season. hince my apology.
when i find a good place, i like to blog about it so you can check it out for
yourself. it is open year around, but i am not sure if they plant year round.
you can check it out on their website if your interested.
regardless, it's something to put on your calendar for next spring.
we had a blast! here's what we did...

we took pictures with flowers

the little miss stopped to draw the flowers

we posed like flowers

we smelled the flowers

we ran (literally) through a flower maze

and acted super goofy while we were doing it

the little miss mined for treasures

here's her bag of loot

and we got wind blown on a tractor ride

all in all we had a great time and we will for sure be back next year if not sooner.

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