i likey

i found this blog today and i really like it.
a friend of mine always tells me to add more blogs
to my blog roll, so she has more things to look at.
i think you might enjoy it if you don't already do so.
go check out elsie marley. she has some cute christmas ideas.
tis the season...

make your own decorations from elsie marley


kauai the series- #10 go to north shore to find big waves

when we arrived in kauai we heard that the waves on the north shore were 30 foot.
we took a drive up to hanalei bay to see if this was true. the waves were pretty
big just off to the right of this pier, but pretty far out. we took a walk to end
of the pier just to look, but as you can tell it was a gloomy, overcast day.
we had fun though. we played on the beach in the rain and enjoyed the
beautiful surroundings. the mister even paddled out for a surf (#17 on the list)
at pine trees where the waves weren't quite as big...


kauai the series- #4 drink coconut milk

#4 on the list was from the little miss. for weeks before we left she talked
about how she couldn't wait to try the milk from a coconut. she had found
some on the beach when we first arrived and tried to get the milk out herself,
but that was a pretty hopeless task. we ended up going to the farmer's market
(#18 on the list for me) and buying one for her there. they had the much
needed tools you need to open a coconut. the end result is as follows...

tried it,

didn't really like it,
so she gave the little fella a try,

he didn't like it either,
so the mister ended up drinking it

and she got this yummy chocolate
covered banana instead.


kauai the series- #21 get shave ice

we were excited to be in kauai. we hadn't been in three years,
we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary and i think we thought it
would be just like our honeymoon all over again. think again my friend is what
i would tell myself now. 10 years ago our two precious littles did not exist and
laying on the beach relaxing just no longer exists. so after a little frustration we decided
that in order to make everyone happy and to make sure everyone got to do what
they wanted we would make a list. this turned out to be a very good idea that
made our trip much more pleasant. # 21 on our list was to get shave ice.
we did this of course more than once, but here is our first visit to JO-JO's on
the west side at what we think is the best shave ice ever...

not sure about this at first, but after one
bite he was hooked like the rest of us

waiting for her keiki's delight
rainbow shave ice w/vanilla ice cream

pure cuteness

just a bit of advice... don't share with the mister,
he'll eat it all!

hawaiian bliss

worth the wait

we heart JO-JO's


it's been a long time

yes, folks it's been a long time. too long.
the reason being that right after halloween...

we took a family vacation to kauai. we spent two relaxing weeks
uninterrupted from cell phones and/or computers to enjoy eachother.
it was very much needed for our family and i am so thankful we were able
to spend so much quality time together. i have so many pictures i want to share
with you, so for the next few days i will be posting a "kauai series" of all the
fun things we did. glad to be back!