good things . six

even though everyday seems like a family day for us,
it is nice to get out of our everyday routine and do
something special. on this day we spent some time
down in balboa island. we had a great time with each
other taking a boat cruise, riding the carousel, riding the
ferris wheel, and playing in the arcade. it was a fun day.
we saw a pod of dolphins and sea lions on our boat cruise,
the little miss experienced her very first ferris wheel ride
and both of the kiddo's experienced the "auto ferry" for the first time.
family days they're a good thing.


good things . five

okay, so i don't know about you, but for me the trip to hawaii
is just not happening this year. i know sad and a very "not so"
good thing. well turn that frown upside down because hawaii is
coming to me this year.
i just heard about this shop called....

it's a shaved ice shop! and it is sooooooo good!
they have tons of yummy flavors and they're just up the
street, around the corner, and so close to my home.
if you live in orange county or close to it you should definitely
check it out. you will not be dissapointed just ask the little miss...

she'll tell you it's a good thing!

good things . four

painted toes and pedicures.
i had not had a pedicure or my toes painted in months
until this past weekend.i forgot how much i really enjoy it.
my friend jana was so sweet to treat me to this little pleasure,
which made it more enjoyable. sometimes it's a good thing
to just take a moment for yourself, with a friend and relax.
thanks jana, it was fun hanging out with you!


good things . three

afternoon bike ride = afternoon nap.
for the little fella and mama,
now that's a good thing.


good things . two

have you visited your local library lately? if not you need to do so.
we are super lucky to have a great library so close to our home that
has a great summer program for the kiddo's, great shows, weekly story times,
and a used book sale. i think i have told you before that i am a book nerd,
a big book nerd. so, this past week on what is usually a weekly visit to our library,
i stopped by the used book section. i am so glad i did. i found a ton of books
and i only paid six bucks for all of them. isn't that crazy? so, of course i am addicted
to the used book sale now and i had to go back again. no joke, it was two days later
and believe it or not i found another stack of books for another six bucks.
check it out, i found some classics...

trip # one: the first stack
frog and toad together, mary poppins in the park,
to huge walt disney books, peter and the wolf, heidi,
a wrinkle in time, madeline, make way for ducklings,
and much, much more!

trip # 2: the second stack
mike mulligan and the steam shovel, the magic finger,
2 vintage barbie books from 1964, goodnight moon,
one morning in maine, push kitty, goggles,
the house that jack built, and again much, much more!

of course, these are all good things,
but another good thing about it is we visited our library
four times last week, yes four times and the kiddo's
were totally excited each time - now that to me is a
good thing.


good things . one

i was excited for summer to begin. i had a lot of plans and places to go and
then as you all know the mister got sick. then the little fella got sick.
it seems like for the last three weeks someone has been sick and i have been
sooooo tired of it. i feel like lately i have just been focusing on the "not so good"
things that have been happening and not the "good" things. so for the next week i am
going to share with you some of the good things that are happening in my life.
to start my good things week i want to share with you the yummy things i brought
home from visiting a friend yesterday. not only did i get to sit and chat with
my friend brianne for a bit, but she also sent me home with a bag full of goodies.
check it out, i scored..

fresh grown veggies from brianne's amazing garden.
brianne and her mister ripped up their entire
front lawn to plant an awesome garden
(i am thinking about doing a post about it - hmmm.......)

okay, and not only did i get a bag full of veggies,
but brianne just so happened to be making cinnamon
rolls when i stopped by and she sent me home with
these not so little goodies.

all i had to do was make the frosting for them.
yes, they were as yummy as the look.
so thanks, to my friend brianne for starting off my week of
good things.


it was wonderland

despite the fact that my little fella was sick this past weekend,
the little miss and i were able to attend a very fun alice in wonderland party
hosted by my friend tammy. it was her little girl's third birthday and i have
to say that tammy went all out for this one. she really out did herself right down
from the paper lanterns strung above the party scene, to the tiny "drink me" signs
tied on the drinks. she also hired two special guests to appear and you can see more
about them over here. i was able to help tammy with the table covers and the very,
merry un-birthday sign, but the rest was her. good job tammy...you done good!
here are some of the photo's from the very, merry celebration...


they call them "cake balls"

it was america's birthday and what better way to celebrate a birthday than with cake?
well i just found a new little happy and it's called a "cake ball" and boy is it tasty.
from what i hear it's fairly easy to make as well. all you have to do is buy a boxed
cake mix and bake according to the directions, let it cool for 5 minutes and add a
can of frosting to the cake, mixing it up to create a mush, then form the mush into
2 inch balls and freeze. the final step is to dip in melted chocolate and refrigerate
and in less than a bit you have a tasty cake treat. pure genius i'm telling you - genius.
if you want the official "cake balls" recipe you can find it here.
here are a few pics of the little miss enjoying her cake ball...

even though the cake ball was the highlight of my day
we did enjoy the rest of it...



this little ballerina had her second recital this past week.
her class did the french can,can which i have to say was absolutely adorable.
to see her video you can go here. to see some of my favorite photos look below...


just added

i'm super excited about this magazine.
i think it looks really neat for the kiddo's and i can't wait to get it.
i saw it over here and was instantly intrigued.
i added their site anorak to my blog roll and a subscription
to their magazine to my mailing list.
as soon as i get it i'll let you know how it is.


i dove you

it's been a weird and frustrating past two weeks. i'll try to make this long story short.
here it goes about two months ago, the mister got stung by a stingray while surfing
down at the beach. it was painful and he did what he was supposed to do, which is soak
the area that got stung in scalding hot water for an hour. it was painful and hurt for awhile,
but we thought that the worst part was over. wrong, two weeks later the area started to
look red and felt hot. so off the mister went to the ER. they did what they do in the ER
and the mister came home with a round of antibiotics. great, it's over, were done. nope,
wrong again. another two weeks went by and low and behold the infection came back.
so now off to the podiatrist (recommended by the ER). so the podiatrist did what he
does and sent the mister home with, "the infection is contained to that one area, we can
try to cut it out, which might damage some of the nerves in your foot, or you can tough it
out and let it heal."
okay, we'll tough it out. little did we know that toughing it out would consist
of more scalding hot water to basically boil the infection out of his foot,
but then it turned in to a major secondary infection, causing his whole body to be
weak and lethargic, as well as breaking out with these horrible welt like things on
his legs, that would swell every time he stood up. needless to say it was horrible,
it was painful, it was frustrating!
so basically for the last two weeks the mister was bed ridden and i was on my own with
the kiddo's. it's hard having to juggle two kiddo's on your own and taking care of a sickee.
but, it made me realize how much the mister and i are one. i honestly felt like i wasn't
all there. like i couldn't function properly without him, almost like i couldn't breathe.
even though these things seem like the worst thing ever when you are experiencing them,
i sometimes think we need a little wake up call or reminder to how good things really
are in our everyday life. in the midst of it all we were able to bake cookies for the mister
(that was the little misses idea of a cure all for any illness) and spend lots of time at
home reading books and hanging out with the mister. on the day that the mister had a
doctor's appointment with a specialist, i opened up the blinds in our bedroom and saw
this little guy sitting on our fence. i think he might have been learning how to fly because
he would just take little flights from one end of the fence to the other. but for whatever
reason he was there, he certainly brightened up my day and gave me a little bit of hope
that things are gonna get better....

and they are. the mister has still not fully recovered, but he is finally able to get out
of bed and walk again. you don't even know how happy that makes me, i am so glad to have
my partner, my life, my better half back.
i "dove" you mister!