confessions on the blog: i lost my point and shoot camera

ok, has it really been almost a month since i've been here?  where does the time go?  ugh!  i don't know, but i realized the other day that it does go and does go by fast.  why did i realize this?  let me tell you.  i love taking pictures of my kiddo's and the places we go and things we do.  i started out taking pics with a litte point and shoot canon elph.  it's a good little camera, small enough to store away in one of the pockets in my back pack (keep this in mind for later).   then,  right before we had garrett we got a fancier camera, the canon T rebel 1i.  it's not a professional camera, but it's good enough for what i need and like to do. (though, i would like a new and better lense, but that means more $$$). but then,  i got an iphone.  totally changes everything. it's small, i have it on me at all times, and it  has cool apps that will make my pictures look better than i probably ever could. (can you tell i like to take the easy route sometimes? it's bad, but i have to admit i do.)  point is, i use it all the time now and sometimes i don't even take out the other two cameras that i own.  for instance,  remember i told you i like my elph because it fits so well in the little pockets of my back pack?  well, it's been there since january.  i usually forget that i have it in their (panic because i think i lost it),  then i take the kiddo's to disneyland or somewhere and i find it (yeah, i didn't lose it), and then i shove it back into the back pack, until the next time and repeat that same process.  well, good news!  i didn't lose my camera, i found it on father's day when we were at the beach.  i also found a ton of pictures on it back from january - may.  here are some of my favorites...

knott's berry farm

the kiddo's first trip to knott's berry farm.

 my girl performed on the stage at knott's for her dance class.  she's a snowflake.

this was garrett's most favorite ride in the park. (see him back in the blue car)

 couldn't pass up a picture with the ladies.  my sister and i always took our pictures with these two.


 on the river boat with garrett.

he really wanted me to take a picture of him like this. (?)

father's day

 the mister back on a boogie.

my little beach bum.

p.s. there was a ton more photos, but really it could get ridiculous if i posted all of the ones i wanted to.