piercing pagoda

we went away for the weekend. we went camping up near santa barbara
and had a great time. (pics of that on tomorrow's post)
while we were sitting on the beach the little miss started to talk
about wanting to get her ear's pierced. she had talked with me about this
a few months ago, but then quickly dropped the subject when i told her that
it might hurt. "no biggie" i thought, "she's not ready." well, this weekend
it was all she could talk about and when we were packing up to leave all she
kept saying was, "i can't wait to go get my ear's pierced." i heard this the whole
way home. so, finally i told her that we would go to get her ear's pierced
after school the next day. needless to say, she held me to it...

before the piercing

getting ready

the right lobe

and the left

one happy kid

she was super giddy right after

i was truly proud of the little miss. she was so brave.

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  1. omgsh...so cute! These pics really capture how excited she was! Tell her I said that her pierced ears look beautiful :)