that's camp

finally, i am getting to this post. i have been wanting to do it for
the past few days and it seems that it has just been one thing or
the other around here lately. so, here it is our first camping trip of
the season. we took the kiddo's to one of our favorite spots that
we usually go to every summer - jalama beach in santa barbara county.
this place is a hidden treasure off of highway 1, that since it's publicity
in sunset magazine a few years ago has become somewhat of an un-hidden
treasure. it's still a fun place to go, but because it's a first come/first serve
(no reservation) park it gets pretty packed. especially in mid-july when we
usually go, which we still might do this summer. anyway, it had been way too
long since our last visit and we needed to sneak one in before july.
we had a really fun time. here are some of my favorite pics from our weekend.
ironically enough i have no pics of us on the beach - hmmm go figure...

it's a 14 mile drive from the highway and probably one of my favorite roads

it's just scenic country views until you end up in front of the very blue ocean

my fella's setting up camp

what a nice little set up huh?

the mister trying to catch some wild life (it was a lizard and it was too fast)

little miss having some alone time ( this is the first time i didn't pack a ton of toys, just these ponies, art supplies and books - it was great!)

three things i love about camping...

#1. camping bed-head

#2. camping with these guys

#3. camping breakfast= chocolate waxy donuts (love 'em)

this is the biggest tree in the whole camp ground and it was in our site

this little fella loved to run around it

the little miss and some of the treasures we found on the beach -
a starfish and a whole crab shell

this was the first time i noticed the sound of a magpie.
( i'm totally into birds lately)

not only does he set up, but he tears down too. what a guy!

sadly, we must return home, but we had a great trip all in all.
farewell my sweet jalama, see you in july.


  1. Camping on the beach is so fun!

  2. Oh how I miss Jalama!!!! Those were great pics...the kids are so cute! BTW...I luv chocolate waxy donuts tooooo!

  3. yes, camping on the beach is so fun and those waxy donuts just seal the deal!