true gift

for as long as i can remember i have always wanted to be a mom.
when i was little i had babies not dolls. i made them eat real food,
wear real diapers, wear real baby clothes, i gave them real baby names
like derek or sydney and i took them with me where ever i went. i was
their mom. i was just born with this natural desire to be a mom.

today i am so thankful that i don't have to pretend anymore.
i have two, real life, beautiful children that i get to take care of everyday.
they make my life feel complete. i can't and don't ever want to imagine what
my life would be like if they were not mine. i love being their mom.
i love waking up to their warm, sweet bodies in the morning and snuggling up
with them to read stories at the end of the day. i love blowing bubbles with them
and taking them for walks in the wagon. i love singing songs with them
and teaching them how to whistle or snap their fingers. without them i am not
at my full potential. without them i am not a mom. today and everyday i thank God
for these two wonderful, special people that have made me who i am and
who i have always wanted to be.
happy mother's day!

becoming a mother to my little miss

and again to my little fella

a special thanks to the mister because without him these
precious little gifts wouldn't exist!

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