happy monday

happy march! it's time for spring, i'm ready for spring!


a first for everyone

my little fella's "first" pair of shoes

this little miss lost her "first" tooth

life goes by too fast, way too fast. this weekend my little fella and my little miss both had life changing experiences. i'm not sure where the time has gone, but these little kiddo's are growing up right before my eyes. i'm afraid if i blink i just might miss something.


whistle while you work or eat or color or play

this is our tiny, little dining nook. we pretty much do everything here from eating to puzzles, you name it. the mister is pretty handy when it comes to woodworking so he whipped up this little nook for us sometime last year. the benches also pose as much needed storage units and the table is just the right shape and size for this corner. this past week our dining nook benches got a much needed make over. with two kiddos around the bench covers where covered with who knows what? i found this material at ikea for a reasonable prize per yard (about $8.99) and just fell in love with it. it gives the room a whole new tune to whistle.



i turned 34 and spent a wonderful day with my family. happy day to me!


lovin it!

a happy valentine's day consisting of flowers, family and love of course!