the red balloon

if you know me, you know i have an obsession with children's books.
i especially love classic children's books. so, when i was scouring the
book shelf at the library's used book sale i was beyond ecstactic when
i found this original classic copy of the the red balloon. we have rented
the movie and watched it several times, but this was the first i had seen
on the book. honestly i had no idea that there was a book that went
along with this classic film. it is now one of our favorite books to read
or just to look at and i am very pleased that it has made it's way
onto our bookshelf...
this little fella is obsessed with balloons and now with this book

we brought it on our camping trip and it kept him entertained in the car for awhile

it's also good for playing peek-a-boo

we heart the red balloon


  1. Luv him!!! I know you and I didnt know you had a children book obsession!!!

  2. have you seen my book shelves? emphasis on shelveS!