sew fun wednesdays...three

week three of sew fun wednesdays and i really am having soooo much fun.
this week i worked on another project for the little miss.
she's had this pair of jeans that are super cute, but a little to tight
in the booty and thighs, so she hasn't been able to wear them lately.
well, the other day i was checking out some new blogs and ran across this one.
she had done a post about this and so i thought it would be a perfect
project for week three. i tried following her directions on how to complete
this, but it didn't work out to well for me, so i decided to wing it with
the help of my sewing instructor and this is what we came up with...

what you need: pair of jeans, scissors, sewing machine,
seam ripper, decorative trim and thread

first: cut the jeans to desired length and use
the seam ripper to open up the inner thigh and crotch seam.
next: cut two pieces of fabric from the left over
pant leg and place in the open seams folding
the crotch seam over onto the opposite leg (front and back)

then: pin on decorative trim to the bottom of skirt

finally: sew on trim

viola! you have now have a new/reused skirt for your little miss.

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