1+1=2 eggs in the coop

our little gave her first egg this past sunday. the little miss and i went to the coop anticipating only one white egg, when low and behold we saw this...

two eggs in the nesting box. one white and

one blue. actually it's a beautiful shade of light turquoise.

which just happens to be the same color as our kitchen counter tops.


i'm just tired

quite honestly friends, i'm just tired. i wish i could do more of this (above), but it always seems like there's something else to be done. i know it's almost the end of summer and the hustle and bustle of the new school year is just around the corner, but i'm just not feeling it. i thought i would be totally prepared and ready to go by now. i'm not. i thought we would accomplish our summer list, we didn't. i'm ok with it though. some afternoons were spent doing just this (above) and it's ok. i'm glad there is still one more week left. maybe i can actually get it together in time for the start of our new school year, but for now i just want to take another nap.

p.s. and yes, my boy is wearing a pink princess pull-up because on this particular day i ran out of diapers and just didn't feel like going to target to get more. so, i asked my friend (who has a girl) if i could bum a diaper off of her and she so kindly said yes. it's that bad friends, that bad.


we have eggs + a surfing chicken

we got our first egg yesterday. it was super exciting! our little peepers laid us an egg. a cute little white egg with a crack in it, so we were not able to try it. however, she did lay another one today that is in perfect condition. thanks peep!

our little layer

"did i do that?"

after all that egg laying this chick decided to go for a surf

she's not even afraid to put her toes on the nose!


27 photos at the oc fair

we made it to the oc fair twice this year. i took lots of pictures. lots. practically a ton. but, i narrowed it down to the following to share our adventures. for the first time this year we got to experience 6 free rides on the euroslide (see here), partake in the goods from the farms harvest for the day, come face to face with two cows and a llama, and witness a 1200+pound alligator. not to mention a lot of other fun things we do every year when we go to the fair. take a look...

every time i see a llama i have to say to myself,

"is your mama a llama?" i don't know why i just do.

finally got photo booth pics with just me and my little fella.
this is my favorite part of the fair and where i spend the most of my money.

i also love the farm and garden part of the fair. the cool thing is that this farm is open year around.

another first and i think a start of a tradition.

one of my loves

and another.

the fresh produce that was up for grabs for a small donation. i love fresh grown, local produce!

these two stood like this for 5 minutes. this ride was insane. we watched a riders
i-phone fly across the park. no bueno.

my girl is becoming very independent in her old age of 6+3/4 (her words not mine).

you can see my thoughts on this here

one of the 6 euroslide rides. yes, 6. my girl loves this ride and so do i. (see here)

if you don't get anything from this post, just at least get this,
you can't leave the fair without having cotton candy,

or a visit to the photo booth,

or a carousal ride.



as you know from my last post we ventured out to the fair this past week and had a good ol' time. but, we left with one question in our minds - why, oh why would you ever want to eat fried butter? here's just some of the heart wrenching, heart attack food you can purchase and consume while at the fair. yet, again i ask myself - why?

really, a chicken sandwich made from a krispy kreme donut and then fried again?

see, i wasn't kidding, they will fry you a stick of butter. hmmm....and this is supposed to be tasty?

doesn't that chocolate covered corn dog with rainbow sprinkles look appetizing? don't forget your order of chocolate covered bacon and your defibrillator's to revive you from the heart attack you are going to have right after you eat.

i don't know if you ask me, it's just pure craziness and disgusting when you really think about, so we will stick to our order of dippin' dots for the kiddo's

and a strawberry shortcake for the mister and i.

so, tell me - have you tried any of these fried fair foods? are they as gross as they look or surprisingly tasty? i really would like to know - leave me a comment.


photo booth

this past sunday we made it to the fair. we go every year. i usually have only one thing on the agenda and that is the photo booth. the rest is left up to what the others want to do, but it is a must that we visit the photo booth. we have been doing this since before we were married and honestly it's the only annual family photo we take. i cherish these photos, so much that i frame them and hang them in our home. they show are true personalities. craziness, silliness, and all that fun stuff we are about. it's never a chore to get us there. we never fuss about what we are wearing, if we match, our if hair is out of place. it's spontaneous. (besides the fact that we do it every year and we know we are going to do it. does that make sense?) we all love to look at them as we walk through the fair and when we get home. we all laugh at each other and our funny faces. it's always about making good memories and traditions. i have to say we have accomplished that again this year. take a look...

we will be attending the fair again before it's over and yes we will be back at the photo booth taking pics with my mom and my sister and her kiddo's. i am hoping also to sneak one in with just garebear and me (he couldn't handle it anymore) because that's just what we do when we go to the fair.