wetlands at dusk

one thing i love about where we live is the proximity to the wetlands. since we have joined our homeschool group in september we have been taking advantage of this natural habitat that is so close to home. we have gone on several walks through the wetlands during the mornings and early afternoons, but never one at dusk. so, the other day when our plans to go to the LA zoo with my sister and her kiddo's got foiled we headed back home (after eating lunch here) to ride bikes down at the beach. but, that plan got foiled too. so, we got back in the car with a couple of disappointed kiddo's who just wanted to go home, but when we passed the parking lot to the wetlands we decided to turn in to go for a quick walk. i'm so glad we did because it was so much fun. it was almost like the wetlands comes alive in the evening. we saw 6 blue herons, lots of jack rabbits feeding in the fields, and heard lots of noises in the bushes. here's some of the pics from our adventure...


just for fun

it's been busy around here. there's so much going on, there's so much to do and so much that has been done. i've been wanting to blog for the last week or so, but i just can't find the time. so here's a quick one of what we've been doing around here just for fun...

thrift store shopping


and going on the tea cups

finding an old quilt

and playing under it

the little miss dressing up her brother in a pink tutu.

hope you're having fun too!


baking retro

a couple of days ago i used my retro oven for the first time. i have used
it a few times to cook chicken nuggets for the kiddo's, but i decided it was
time to put it to the test and bake some chocolate chip cookies. nothing
fancy, just your basic chocolate chip cookie you get off of the back of the
bag of chocolate chips. despite a few minor temp issues and the timer
not working my retro oven was a sucess. we got hot, fresh chocolate
chip cookies straight from the oven and satisfied the sweet tooth in all of us.
take a look...

pretty sure this is the original oven from 1963

waiting for cookies

one of the first ones to gobble them up straight out of the oven

she was next

and being silly

the three of us on a sugar high!



it's been a really long time since my last post. of course i have had things that i wanted to post about, but circumstances happen and things don't always go the way we plan. i'm learning to just take what i can get or do what i can do and let it go from there. this holiday season truly seemed like a holidaze for me. there was so much going on, so much to do and so much sickiness. thankfully we are all starting to feel well and things have slowed down and we're feeling some what settled in, so i feel like i can finally post a few pics from our "holidaze"...

it started with the nutcracker...

our little miss was a little lamb

and she was awesome!

the one christmas craft i completed

christmas cookie exchange for the little miss

getting into the spirit of things with our rudolph pops

our christmas move - we made it into our new home

our vacant home with one tiny decorated tree

christmas visitors and a christmas show

a little christmas shopping

the annual visit to the man in the red suit

the little fella was not happy about this
(i know what kinda mom would do this to their kiddo? this one !)

all's forgotten with a choo- choo ride

christmas morning - the little fella's gift from santa

stockings filled with stuff

umbrella's were given this christmas

i would say an appropriate gift for this season

one very tired girl who made it to the new year!

hope your holidays were filled with joy and i wish you all a very happy 2011!