our new home

our new home. i love writing that, saying that and thinking that.
for those of you who don't know our current home is a one bedroom
apartment that we have lived in since we got married 10 years ago.
yes, there are four of us in this apartment, but thanks to the mister
who is very handy, we have been able to stretch our stay here until
now. just a quick breakdown the kiddo's share the bedroom and the
mister made a murphy bed wall unit in our living room, so we all have
our own space. but, it is time to move on. our little fella is almost
two and very active, loves to be outside and among other circumstances
it's just time for a new home. our new home couldn't have come at
a better time (well 2 months ago would've been nice considering Christmas
is just 2 weeks away), but we weren't committed to moving 2 months ago.
we really thought the whole looking process would've taken a lot longer,
but we feel like this house was meant for us and maybe even waiting for us.
i know sounds corny, but here's the gist of it. we had been planning on
looking for a new place when we returned home from kauai. we set out
looking for "for rent" signs around our neighborhood. we found one. when
trying to find the house that belonged to the "for rent" sign, we passed by
our new home. it was "for rent" too. the other house was not us, but this
one we liked what we saw on the outside. so we called, we looked, we
liked, we signed. it just all kind of fell into place. (that's the mister's
luck, stuff like this always happens to him). so here it is. there's some
things that definitely eventually need to be changed, but for now we are
just renting. keep in mind we are getting new carpet (you'll see why),
and we are going to paint the interior in "fresh day" from behr (love that color).
be prepared there's some funky, but there's also lots of potential....

front yard
with a 2 car garage
the mister is sold!

kitchen - funky retro, it's kinda growing on me

electric stove top - no likey, but it's a rental

comes with a fridge

dining area

living room and our cute little bella

we have a fireplace!

view from the front door

one of the two bathrooms -
yes we have two bathrooms!
and yes that's a door to the backyard
in the bathroom - not sure why?

the little fella's bedroom or if
we change our minds the school room

the little miss' room
she loves this carpet - i hate this carpet

master bedroom

master bath


it's a koi pond, but i'm thinking veggie garden

more backyard - view from the east

view from the west

and a lemon tree

we are truly loving this place and can't wait to
celebrate our first Christmas in our new home.


christmas door swag +pom-poms

ok, so i was at trader joe's the other day and they had a christmas door swag
that i thought was cute and festive. it was only $6.99 which i think its pretty
reasonable. i contemplated on whether or not i should buy it. after standing
there for a minute or two i decided that i could totally make one for free which
is a real reasonable prize for me these days. home depot always has a box of tree
trimmings for free and i knew i had a ton of christmas ribbon at home, so it was
settled i was going to make my own for free. that's exactly what i did. i went to
the home depot on my way home, picked up a few branches, got out my christmas
boxes and went to town. i also came across this pom-pom tutorial the other
night and thought they would be super cute on my christmas swag.
so check it out here's my swag...

i think i might add some jingle bells to it too
what ya think?

my pom-pom maker