i am flattered. my friend greta over at picnic's in the park wrote a post about our chicken coop. she had so many nice things to say about us and our coop. i have to say it made my day. i hope you will go and check it out. greta has an excellent way of writing and her blogs (she has 2 here and here) are some of my favorites to read.

our chicken coop she writes about

and these are our chickens. they have found a new roost. we let our chickens roam free during the day if we are home. we built the coop to protect them from wandering animals such as skunks and what not. yes, i said skunks. we had an unwelcomed little critter in our backyard this past week. apparently we are not the only ones. there have been two skunks patrolling the area. i read that skunks do like to eat chickens and their eggs, but thankfully our chickens were in their coop and unharmed and we were able to get the skunk out of our yard without it spraying. phew! needless to say we are thankful for our modern little chicken coop. thanks greta for the awesome write up!

on a total side note and having no relation to this post at all, have you tried this?

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