i love summertime. i have nothing but good memories of summertime as a child. i loved the freedom we had during the days to play, swim, and pretty much do whatever we wanted. we swam a lot because it was hot where we lived. after swimming all day we would come inside to an air conditioned home, flop on the couch, pop open an ice cold pepsi and "veg" out to tom & jerry cartoons or some other classic shows. that's just what we did. summertime still has that same effect on me. every once in awhile i find myself craving an ice cold pepsi and flopping on the couch to "veg" out. in reality, that's not the case for me anymore and it hasn't been for a long while. you know, with two littles in tow and running around there's a lot of other things i am busy doing. however, we are enjoying time together and the freedom that summer brings, especially more this year since we have our own backyard and space to be free in. i am loving, loving, loving our summer evenings. we just bought some new patio furniture and have been enjoying most of our meals outside, some have included our handpicked tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden. take a look...

i had been searching garage sales for some vintage looking patio furniture with no luck i might add, when i stumbled upon these chairs at lowe's.

extra bonus they were on clearance. after going to 3 different lowe's i was able to get all the chairs i wanted for $12 each. score for me!

we also found the table at lowe's on sale, but it was originally painted black. nothing a can or two of spray paint can't fix, right?

we got the furniture together and decided an umbrella was much needed, so we headed over to cost plus and found this colorful one on sale for $49. next up, we just need to paint the umbrella stand that we got at yes...you guessed it... lowe's. i think i am in love with lowe's.

we have been finding lots and lots of shining red tomatoes in our garden and they are super yummy.

also, finding lots of cucumbers too. tomatoes or cucumbers anyone?

avery crowned herself the cucumber queen with this crazy shaped cucumber.

just two more reason why i love summertime... i love these kiddo's

and all their sweetness.

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