our peeps

our peeps are growing up. remember when we first got them? it was only a month ago and they are already starting to look like big, grown-up chickens.
take a look at them...

this is when we first got peep,

this is her last week,

and this her today.

this is little, when we first got her,

this was her last week,

and here she is today. and she's a little pistol running and flying all over the place.

they are getting too big for the aquarium we've been keeping them in. so, we let them run around outside and peck around on the ground.

and because they are growing up so fast, well you know how it goes... yes, that's the mister working on yet another project... the chicken coop

the little miss designed the egg doors.

the little fella just enjoyed hanging out in the cage while the mister worked on it.

the chickens love it.

even when our little pooch bella stares them down while they eat. my chicken little isn't even afraid of her anymore, she just stands right up to her.

it's been a lot of fun raising chickens. they are not very high maintenance at all. we just make sure they have food and fresh water everyday, let them out for a little excercise and that's pretty much it. if you are thinking of getting chicks, do it. i don't think you will regret it. i haven't yet and the kiddo's love them!

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