photo booth

this past sunday we made it to the fair. we go every year. i usually have only one thing on the agenda and that is the photo booth. the rest is left up to what the others want to do, but it is a must that we visit the photo booth. we have been doing this since before we were married and honestly it's the only annual family photo we take. i cherish these photos, so much that i frame them and hang them in our home. they show are true personalities. craziness, silliness, and all that fun stuff we are about. it's never a chore to get us there. we never fuss about what we are wearing, if we match, our if hair is out of place. it's spontaneous. (besides the fact that we do it every year and we know we are going to do it. does that make sense?) we all love to look at them as we walk through the fair and when we get home. we all laugh at each other and our funny faces. it's always about making good memories and traditions. i have to say we have accomplished that again this year. take a look...

we will be attending the fair again before it's over and yes we will be back at the photo booth taking pics with my mom and my sister and her kiddo's. i am hoping also to sneak one in with just garebear and me (he couldn't handle it anymore) because that's just what we do when we go to the fair.


  1. Love Love Love! Can't wait to go get ours.
    And I love how they are framed in your house. Did you cut the mats?
    Love from,

  2. thanks greta. yes, jeff cut the mats. i'm no good when it comes to stuff like that. only problem now is i need to go buy another frame and have him cut another mat.