a rant...

ok friends, i'm going to rant for a second or a minute or however long it takes because something has been bugging me lately. it's the gardener. not my gardener in particular, but all gardeners. especially the gardener that mows the lawn to the left of mine and the other gardener who mows the lawn to the right of mine and the gardener who mows the lawn across the street and the gardener who mows the lawn around the corner from me. ugh! we all have different gardeners', that come on different days, at different times. i'm tired of it. i'm tired of being woke up by a gardener or having my relaxing afternoon interrupted by a leaf blower. oh and you know what? they're even at the park! we can't escape them! do you remember the days when your mom or dad mowed their own lawn? it was usually a saturday morning. it was like protocol, everyone was out mowing their lawn on saturday morning. now, don't get my rant wrong, because i am thankful for the gardener and the mister is too. it's one last thing we have to do and he comes with the house, but all i'm asking for here is a little coordination on all the gardeners' part. can't you guys come together and figure something out, so that you are not sabotaging innocent peoples days? like, divide up the turf. jose gets my street, juan gets the next street, felipe gets the block behind me and pick one ding dang day to come to my neighborhood! it seems like a good, reasonable solution don't you think?


  1. LOL! I'm impressed that you know all there names...haha! That's a good one! Speak it sister!

  2. *their...not there! I hate when i do that!