i'm just tired

quite honestly friends, i'm just tired. i wish i could do more of this (above), but it always seems like there's something else to be done. i know it's almost the end of summer and the hustle and bustle of the new school year is just around the corner, but i'm just not feeling it. i thought i would be totally prepared and ready to go by now. i'm not. i thought we would accomplish our summer list, we didn't. i'm ok with it though. some afternoons were spent doing just this (above) and it's ok. i'm glad there is still one more week left. maybe i can actually get it together in time for the start of our new school year, but for now i just want to take another nap.

p.s. and yes, my boy is wearing a pink princess pull-up because on this particular day i ran out of diapers and just didn't feel like going to target to get more. so, i asked my friend (who has a girl) if i could bum a diaper off of her and she so kindly said yes. it's that bad friends, that bad.

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