27 photos at the oc fair

we made it to the oc fair twice this year. i took lots of pictures. lots. practically a ton. but, i narrowed it down to the following to share our adventures. for the first time this year we got to experience 6 free rides on the euroslide (see here), partake in the goods from the farms harvest for the day, come face to face with two cows and a llama, and witness a 1200+pound alligator. not to mention a lot of other fun things we do every year when we go to the fair. take a look...

every time i see a llama i have to say to myself,

"is your mama a llama?" i don't know why i just do.

finally got photo booth pics with just me and my little fella.
this is my favorite part of the fair and where i spend the most of my money.

i also love the farm and garden part of the fair. the cool thing is that this farm is open year around.

another first and i think a start of a tradition.

one of my loves

and another.

the fresh produce that was up for grabs for a small donation. i love fresh grown, local produce!

these two stood like this for 5 minutes. this ride was insane. we watched a riders
i-phone fly across the park. no bueno.

my girl is becoming very independent in her old age of 6+3/4 (her words not mine).

you can see my thoughts on this here

one of the 6 euroslide rides. yes, 6. my girl loves this ride and so do i. (see here)

if you don't get anything from this post, just at least get this,
you can't leave the fair without having cotton candy,

or a visit to the photo booth,

or a carousal ride.


  1. These are such great pictures. My favorites are the "color" and "Sweet and juicy" (after your family, of course)