as you know from my last post we ventured out to the fair this past week and had a good ol' time. but, we left with one question in our minds - why, oh why would you ever want to eat fried butter? here's just some of the heart wrenching, heart attack food you can purchase and consume while at the fair. yet, again i ask myself - why?

really, a chicken sandwich made from a krispy kreme donut and then fried again?

see, i wasn't kidding, they will fry you a stick of butter. hmmm....and this is supposed to be tasty?

doesn't that chocolate covered corn dog with rainbow sprinkles look appetizing? don't forget your order of chocolate covered bacon and your defibrillator's to revive you from the heart attack you are going to have right after you eat.

i don't know if you ask me, it's just pure craziness and disgusting when you really think about, so we will stick to our order of dippin' dots for the kiddo's

and a strawberry shortcake for the mister and i.

so, tell me - have you tried any of these fried fair foods? are they as gross as they look or surprisingly tasty? i really would like to know - leave me a comment.

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