we got peeps (real ones)

we have chickens! well eventually we will have chickens. they're chicks right now and they are the cutest things ever. we have been wanting chickens and planned on getting two, one for each of the kiddo's, but a funny thing happened the other evening. one of our neighbors that lives behind us came over to our house to ask us if we had chickens. to make a really long story short, she had a baby chick that her daughter had rescued from somebody who couldn't keep it. her daughter couldn't keep it either. she had seen two chickens on my next door neighbors back wall and thought it was us and wanted to know if we would want another chick. i explained to her those were not our chickens, but we would be happy to take the chick. so on that note, meet our new chick peep...

the story doesn't end their though folks. the little miss has taken peep to be her own and the little fella needed a chick to be his own (remember i told you we wanted to get two). we took a little visit to the local feed store to get one for him take a look...

good old fashion feed store

we have chicks

we got two more because they are just too cute and only $2. the black one is garrett's he named her baby chick, i call her midge. the fluffy yellow one is mine. i named her little.

we introduced them to peep. the man at the feed store told us to watch them around peep because she is older she might try to peck at them.

but, she didn't she did great with them.

these two are already best buds. my chicken little keeps trying to cuddle up to peeps. i think she thinks she's the mama. don't they look so cute here? i think so.

if your thinking of getting chickens in the future this is a good place for info. my experience thus far with chicks has been good and relatively easy. next up, the bunny we promised to get our little miss. my, we might just have our own mini farm going on here pretty soon.

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