for all you mama's - a mother's day tip

let me just start this post off by saying i have the absolute best husband ever. i love him very much. he's awesome. he's super-duper talented. he can and will make anything i ask him to. he puts up with me when i am not very pleasant and still loves me after. he loves and adores our two children more than anything and isn't afraid to take a day off to spend time with them. he's great. but, friends when it comes to holidays, birthdays and such, he's not that savvy. for example, my mother's day present last year... i got in july. yes, july. and that was after one of my not so very pleasant moments i mentioned above. so, my tip for you all this year is, if your husband is not very savvy like mine, don't be disappointed this sunday when mother's day rolls around, send your mister an email with all the goodies you've been looking at. who knows you might just get one. here's what i sent my mister...

i love this jar from anthropologie

and this timer too. it's magnetic, which is extra cool to me.

these are just so earthy and natural and i want them. also from anthropologie

this lamp i like, but the owl is a little too owlish (i made that word up). but, i might like it. it's from west elm.

if you haven't notice i am kinda into owls, like everybody else in the whole wide world. these cuties are from west elm too.

i need and want this book. we planted our garden and i think this would be an excellent guide to help us along on our gardening journey. it's from anthropologie as well.

that's it friends. there's something in every price range, so he doesn't have to feel like he has to break the bank with a diamond ring unless he wants too and he doesn't have to stress out about what he's gonna get me.

p.s. i really am not all crazy and materialistic about getting gifts on mother's day or any holiday really. i am happy with the pictures my kiddo's draw for me or the homemade bouquets they make for me. it's just the point of being notice every once in awhile, on any day. so with that friends, i hope you enjoy your monday.


  1. omgosh ur such a liar...you know ur materialistic or else you wouldn't have sent him an email with all the stuff you want...haha! ;)I want gifts...i'm serious all year i do everything for everyone in my house they can buy me a gift on Christmas and my birthday and Mother's day and on my Anni and Valentine's i better get something like a poem or a cooked meal or sumthin...LOL! Right? Yes! I'm agreeing with myself!

  2. oh my sister, who doesn't like a gift every once in awhile that's all i'm saying. some recognition for all we do. gifts are nice and i like them too. just to prove my point how would one of the kiddo's feel if they woke up on their b-day with no presents? yah, see presents are nice.