how does your garden grow?

honestly folks, i am pretty surprised ours has grown. this is my first attempt at planting a garden. i did little research (hardly any at all), bought seeds and planted what i like to eat or what i wanted to try. i've learned since then that you don't really have to plant so many seeds. for example, my friend who has a full on awesome garden in her front yard (yes, her front yard. they ripped out all of their grass and put in garden beds) told me that i could've gotten away with planting one cucumber plant because one plant will give enough for the entire neighborhood. i planted like 6. so, apparently i have enough for the whole entire city. same with the cantaloupes. i planted like 8 of those. but, that's okay. that's how we learn right? hopefully my neighbors and friends will want some homegrown veggies. do you? because we will have enough. it's been a good experience. if you are thinking of planting a garden, do it. plant what you like and what you'll eat and you really can't go wrong. so far, we have harvested a crop of radishes, lots of spinach, some lettuce, a few strawberries, cilantro and things are still growing. take a look...

our carrots and onions are coming up. our tomato, cucumber, and cantaloupe plants have yellow flowers that will hopefully sprout some fruit

our corn is getting taller

and our chickens are growing up

i don't know if i could ever live on a real farm, but i do have to say i am liking this mini one we have created. speaking of farms and crops and what not, i just ordered this for our entire families viewing pleasure. but, i didn't pay as much as it's listed for. it went up in price in just 3 days. crazy! anyway, i can't wait until it gets here!


  1. AMAZING.....stop inspiring me so much....your creating so much work for us!!!!!!! Keep the posts coming...so much fun to read!

  2. We need to have you guys over for dinner. You bring the salad.