santa monica saturday

this past saturday we took a drive out to bergamot station in santa monica. one of the mister's teacher/mentor/friend is represented by a gallery out there and because we love his work so much we bought one of his paintings and we needed to pick it up. i decided to bring my camera along just in case there was anything photo worthy. i was super glad i did. i loved the rustic modernism of the buildings and the lettering. this wasn't my first trip out there, but it was my first with my camera. needless to say, i had fun. take a look...

i thought this sign would look cool

above my new bookcase

A is for avery

G is for garrett

and these are just some more of my favorites


  1. These are great photos. You have such an artistic eye!

  2. GREAT call with the camera....you got some awesome shots!!! :)

  3. So u guys went to Santa Monica and hung out in the ally? LOL kidding... good pics sis! Love the books idea...do it!