my mom

my mom never lets me take pictures of her. if i try to she puts her hand in front of her face or makes a goofy face. but, a few weeks ago she celebrated her 68th birthday and for some reason she let me snap some photos of her. she did put up a fuss at first. but, when i explained to her that i wanted pictures of her for and with my kids, she softened up and let me snap a few. if any of you know my mom she is quite the character. she always has been. she even started to strike a pose on a few. take a look...

this was the first one

then she tried to do some pose she heard about on tv to get rid of her double chin

with her only granddaughter

with her 3rd grandson

i love this pic even though i am not sure what the little miss is looking at and why my little fella has his arm hanging out of his shirt

finally, to end our photo shoot the little miss took the camera to get this one of me and my mom

if you haven't taken a picture with your mom lately, do so the next time you see her. it's something you'll treasure forever.

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  1. Awwww, it makes me wanna go snaps some photos with my mom!!! Those turned out cute. Totally cracking up that Garrett's arm is out of his shirt!!!