more books please

yeah! we have a new, big bookshelf and i love it! i know it seems as though i always have my mister working on some kind of project for me, but it really isn't entirely me. let me explain. the latest project was a bookshelf to house the many, many children's books we own. now, even though i am not a huge ikea furniture fan, i would've been ok with buying one from them, just for that instant gratification that i think, is so satisfying for most of us. we even made a trip there to see what they had, which (insert smiling face) made the mister more adamant about making his own. so, see it's not entirely me. he does it to himself. the thought of press board furniture sends a shiver down his spine. in all honestly, i am glad it does because i think the things that he builds look and are way better than anything we could get from ikea.

and so, now we have a bookshelf that suits our needs and our aesthetic too. i wanted a bookshelf with nice tall and deep shelves. these shelves are 30"w x 16"d x 18"d.
they're perfect.

i was able to get all of our books in it. even though this process gave me a major headache and left me feeling frustrated, after a few days of admiring it and being able to find a book without having to search the whole house, made the experience all worth while.

p.s. it is not my intent to bag on ikea. i actually really like ikea for some things. like the things that my husband can't make, like our couch...

again, it was not my first choice, but it fit our budget and our lifestyle with two little kiddo's and it works for us.

*i saw this on my friends blog and thought i would give it a try. so, for the first time i am linking up to life made lovely and i am keeping my fingers crossed that i do it right*

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  1. Love, love, love the colors at the back of each shelf. That is exactly the kind of shelf I need, except maybe one more row on top. Think Aaron can fit it in between house painting, garden box and play house building? Maybe I can hire Jeff? Oh, except he's probably already working on his next project at your house. I know how it is.
    The book shelf looks amazing!
    Love from,