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i have a secret. it's really, really good. i mean really, really good as in delicious! it's called BRUXIE and they make gourmet waffle sandwiches. i read about them in the AAA westway magazine that comes to our house monthly. ( i know i'm a nerd for reading it), but they often write about little treasures right around our home and BRUXIE's is one of them. they're not too far. they're in old towne orange, which = bonus antique shop browsing. but, that's a whole other post. back to BRUXIE, did i mention they're delicious? let me tell you about them. first, they offer six sandwiches, not including their specials. we have only been twice and both times we have gotten the same things. (what can i say, we find something we like, we stay with it). i get the buttermilk fried chicken & waffle with chili honey and cole slaw= yum. the mister gets the BRUXIE burger which is just like a regular hamburger, but in a waffle! we both order our own side of waffle fries because they are that good and we once made the mistake of thinking we could share a bag and like i said, it was a mistake. second, they only serve "old fashion" sodas. way better than any coke or pepsi product out there. third, they also have sweet treats like a lemon cream & berries waffle or a nutella & bananas waffle served with sweet cream. (i haven't tried these yet, but one day i am just gonna go for dessert). they also have shakes and floats, sundae's and frozen custard. everything on the menu sounds so tasty, i want to try it all! lastly, they use environmentally sound products. i like that in a restaurant. i would rather drink out of a recyclable, "made in the usa" cup than a styrofoam cup any day. and they serve your food in biodegradable cartons and they have a conscious for our earth. so, in honor of "earth day" yesterday, the mister and i took a little trip out to old towne orange and ate in eco friendly meal at BRUXIE's.
take a look...

p.s. we were on a date and i didn't have my regular camera. i only had my cellphone so the pictures really aren't the best. and thanks to the mister for letting me geek out and take pictures while we were on a date so, i could do this post. go ahead say it, i'm a nerd - he did!

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  1. I wanna go to Bruxie's!!! Looks delicious! Thanx for the tip!