friday clouds

friday was such a busy day for us over here. we were rushing about all day, going from one place to another. it was tiresome, i had a headache, and i had to give away a lot of money that i really just don't have to give right now. so i felt annoyed. but, as we were rushing about, i notice the big, puffy clouds in the sky and for some reason it just made me feel a little bit better. the sky was so blue and the clouds so white, it just looked peaceful to me. i can remember as kid thinking how fun it would be if i could play in the clouds. i thought it would be so soft and bouncy. i needed that memory on this day. it made the day seem a little bit better. that and the fact that i knew i was going to go out to dinner with my sister - kid free. while i waited for my sister to come and get me i went outside to snap a few pics. take a look...

i even decided to bring my camera with me to get a few on the way

i know, i am a nerd. but, sometimes it's the simple things that just make it all better.

here's a little sneak peak of an upcoming post. the mister is working on another project for me...

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  1. the sky was awesome that day...had a fun time with u sis! XOXO