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we welcome three day weekends here with open arms.
if you give us an extra day off we'll take it.
we'll fill it with things to do, use it to relax and+or just plain ol' enjoy it.
this three day weekend was all of the above.
here's what we did...

we started off with attending a star wars birthday party.
the little miss dressed up as none other than princess leia.

next, we headed over to hang out with some good friends
we haven't seen for awhile. we talked, played, jumped, ate , talked
some more - you know the things you do with friends.
but, before we went i cut up this watermelon to bring and
how cool is it that this is what i found!
i heart watermelon!

then, the kiddo's and the mister played outside on our new deck
while i cleaned up inside. it feels good to get things clean
and organized - don't ya think?

we observed our caterpillars on more than one occasion this weekend.
this little fella is super into them.

and guess what?
these little guys grew super fast and have already turned into chrysalis'!

we baked a cake from scratch - click here for the recipe

we celebrated the mister's birthday

and this little bruiser managed to get his first black eye - so sad...
which might lead to another blog post on how to make
a boo-boo pack that doesn't make the boo-boo hurt worse.
all in all we had a great, full, almost safe weekend!
like i said we will take those with open arms.
oh and by the way - happy june all!

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