happy daddy day

happy father's day to the mister! i try not to fall into these commercial holiday's
and get all sappy, but i have to say that this fella deserves the most happy
wishes on this day. i love this guy. he truly is the best dad i know. i am so
grateful and thankful for him. without him i would not have the two most
precious things in my life. here are some of the reasons
why i think he's great....
he's fun, he's funny, he's smart, creative and talented, he can draw up a plan
and build you anything you want, he'll go to disneyland even though it's
really not the "happiest" place on earth for him, he'll hug and kiss you when
you're feeling sad and even when your not, he'll take you camping and
make you a s'more, he'll let you use his watercolor kit, he'll take you to the
beach and take you to the "rocks", he'll build you a bike, a garden box, a sandbox
and a clubhouse, but most of all he'll love you with all his heart no matter what.
he truly is the best daddy. we couldn't ask for better, we don't need any better,
we got the best!
happy daddy day my love - we love you!

exploring the tide pools

last year on father's day

being silly with the little fella

beach camping

the two most precious things in our life, who absolutely adore their daddy

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