flutter by

a few days back i posted this about are caterpillars that we had.
we have now finished the full life cycle of a butterfly.
we watched them develop through almost all of their
stages and learned a lot while enjoying these little creatures.
this was our second year raising butterflies and it definitely well not be our last.
you can see our first year here.
here are some photos of our butterfly life cycle...

the little fella really enjoyed the caterpillar stage

the chrysalis stage

this little butter fell off and was on the bottom of the jar.
we were hoping for the best:)

we have butterflies!
i think this is the first time any of us held a butterfly

the little fella's motto is seek and destroy, but we saved this one just in time

i think i was the only one fascinated by their long tongues to drink nectar
(that's the tongue in the middle)

the butterfly above and this one below didn't want to leave.
the one above stayed and drank nectar for about twenty minutes.

this is our little miracle butterfly.
she was the one that fell to the bottom of the jar and we weren't sure
if she would make it, but she did, yeah! i'm not sure if she could fly
so we put her on this flower in our yard. she took nectar from this
flower and stayed for awhile. when i came back to check on her she was gone.
i am hoping that she flew away and didn't become a part of the circle of life.
we hoped for the best that's all we could do. so far two of our butterflies have come
back to visit which was really exiciting.


  1. We need to do this! How fun to raise your own butterflies:)

  2. yes, it was a lot of fun, i think we might do a preying mantis next.