sew fun wednesdays...four (even though i missed a few weeks)

i have to say i don't like to miss my sewing class,
but sometimes things just happen and i do.
i have missed sew fun wednesdays for the last two weeks,
but have not strayed away from my sewing agenda.
this week it was time to make some hooded towels for the kiddo's.
my kiddo's out grew their hooded baby towels along time ago
and when i saw these over here i knew it was time for some new ones.
i have seen these towels on a few different blogs,
but i like the one from make and take the best.
click here for full directions on how to make some
for the kiddo's in your life...

the little miss being my perfect model and showing off how wonderful her new towel is

this little fella just likes to run free

she's happy and so am i

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