my girl's 7th birthday: "crumb's sugar shack"

well hello! i haven't been here in awhile and i have to say i have missed it. you know how it is this time of year. busy, busy, busy and it seems as though the last few weeks have just been one thing after the other for us. actually my computer has been broken (my camera too). both are still not fixed, but we finally figured out a way to make it work for now. phew! i've been a little lost without the computer (and my camera too), but i am back for now. so, onto my real post...

last month we celebrated my girl avery's 7th birthday. we did it lalaloopsy style and it turned out really cute. you can check it out here for more details. one of my favorite parts was "crumb sugar cookies' sugar shack". that's what we named it, but it was actually a vintage armoire that we used for all of the sweet birthday treats. take a look...

i lined the back and shelves with material. each one being different.

two days before the party i scored with these frames from the salvation army. they were $2.19 each and i knew that with a quick coat of spray paint they would work perfectly for the "sugar shack".

i printed the word enjoy for one and cookies+candies+cake=sweet for the other on white card stock, then hot glued them to a piece of felt and attached the frame.

we gave each treat a lalaloopsy name, which added to the fun of all of it.
sugar cookies for crumb sugar cookie.

licorice ropes for lady stillwaiting.

banana muffins for sir battlescarred.

chocolate chip cookies for pillow feather bed. (i had milk too in cute vintage milk bottles, but i forgot to put them out. oh well, it was still cute).

nutter butters for peanut big top.

pixie stix for misty mysterious.

and popcorn for pepper pots and pans. i made the bags myself instead of buying the special popcorn bags. i already had these red bags from another party and just made popcorn tags on my computer. super easy and i saved a few pennies too.

i also had lollipops for blossom flowerpot and dots for dot starlight which you can see here.

my girl let me use some of her big lalaloopsy dolls to decorate with, so i placed a few in the cabinet, but you really can't see them. there was a slim shelf under the bottom shelf that was perfect to put plates, napkins and take home bags in. the whole party turned out super cute, so if you haven't already clicked over to take a look, click here to do so now.

i have a few more favorite things about this party like these two in the photo booth so check back again. i plan on being here.

and yes, we had a photo booth and yes it was super cute and fun!

p.s. if you would like to see my inspiration for this party click here.


  1. LOVE the sugar shack...looks familiar? :)

  2. This is adorable! What fun!
    I love the photo booth idea. We're planning my daughter's 4th birthday party right now -- thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. I didn't notice Garrett's arm around Heidi when you were taking the photos. So "ding-dang" cute...to quote a good friend of mine.