easy fall garland and thanksgiving decortations

ok, so i kinda fibbed about being back around here. i really thought i was going to be able to carve out some more time for this little space i love and miss so much, but truthfully...my kiddo's are working me. and when i say kiddo's i really mean my little fella because he's a handful. whew! my girl never through me for loop like this little guy. he's just on all the time. so i've been busy friends. i know we all are busy, but those two littles are my priority and i've really been trying to keep that straight. i'm working on bed times and routines over here so i can have some free time to do this. we'll see. keep your fingers crossed for me. anyway, i've been really wanting to do this project for the last few weeks, but again just haven't had the time. i had good intentions though. we collected leaves when we went on this amazing hike. i even scoured the market for the right kind of wax, but it's not there (i think they have it at ace hardware). but, with avery rehearsing for the nutcracker and running on a few business errands with the mister we just couldn't get to it. however, today i got the leaves out and some yarn and decided to make a garland anyway without the wax. it was super easy. it took approximately 10-15 mins to tie all the leaves on and hang it up. it looks pretty good too. take a look...

the leaves hang so nicely in their natural state.

there's really no "wow" factor to this garland, but it's just a nice statement that fall has fallen.

i also did some decorating inside. a few weeks back i saw these cute thanksgiving candles at the gift shop in our library.

i fell in love with them and wanted them really bad. i just couldn't justify the purchase. which they only cost $12 a pair, but still i didn't really need them. until last week when i started thinking about a centerpiece for my thanksgiving table ( i'm hosting this year). of course, i had to go to the library immediately to get them. mind you this was last thursday. i had a feeling i was too late. when i walked in the store they had changed all the displays to christmas. my heart sank because i am obsessive (in a non-clincal way) and i needed them and nothing else would suffice. then i walked to the back of the store and saw the two pilgrims. yes! i snatched them up so quick it was probably faster than lightning. but, no indians. that's ok, i thought. maybe i could get them next year. no.... because i am obsessive i went online (i think i am secretly in love with my iphone) to see if i could find the indians. yes! i found them. ahhhh bummer, they're sold out. shoot. oh well. next year. uh, no. i searched online until midnight until i found a store that had them in stock. see, i told you i am obsessive. but really, you can't have the pilgrims without the indians. isn't that what thanksgiving is all about?

and here they stand together as my centerpiece for thanksgiving 2011 (and many more to come)

since we are on the subject of thanksgiving have you read the thanksgiving proclamation by abraham lincoln? it's amazing you can go here to read it. it's beautiful.

happy thanksgiving friends. i am truly thankful for each and every one of you and hope your day is filled with love and happiness.

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