trick or treat

trick or treat already? it's seems like it was just the beginning of october. we have lots of celebrations in october so it's seems like time flies. as you know we celebrated our anniversary
(here, here and here) and my girl turned 7,
so with all of her celebrations and her party prep (i'll be posting
about that next), i almost forgot about halloween. not really because we've been putting together costumes along the way, so i knew it was coming, just wasn't ready for it to be here so soon. anyway enough rambling about time and where it has gone because it's here and my girl is trick or treating as we speak. the little fella fell asleep so he's with me while i pass out candy and for the first time we have trick or treaters! take a look at our first halloween in our new home. oh and have i told you? i love it here!

pumpkin carving earlier today.

one of our pumpkins had pinkish colored seeds. we determined it must mean it's a girl.

my girl designed and carved her pumpkin.

the little fella's pumpkin. he made a wave. he always makes a wave when he draws.

i wanted the kiddo's to pose with their pumpkins.
for some reason garrett wanted to pose like this.

avery in costume and scoping out the neighborhood for fellow trick or treaters.

she got her candy bucket, but no shoes.

the little fella was just barely hanging on, so while we waited for our friends to come over we cuddled on the couch. that's when you know who fell asleep.

sleep won't stop this lalaloopsy from trick or treating.
she was raring to go.

happy halloween friends!

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  1. lalaloopsy! what a cute costume!!!
    poor little guy was so tired, that's how my claire was, not feeling good at all but she was a trooper and did not want to miss any action. :)
    happy november! what?! already?! yikes.