gare + heidi: a photo sequence

i am completely convinced that every party needs a photo booth or an area to take pictures of friends and family. we recently did this for my girl's 7th birthday party and i am pretty sure it will now be a tradition for every party we have. we captured some of our most precious friends and some memorable moments. if you want to view some of the fun you can go here, but for now i have to share the session i caught between these two cuties. of course, you know my little fella, but this cute little miss is his dear friend heidi. these two are truly buds. they ask for play dates with each other and they always play really well together. heidi's older sister is friends with avery and the two big kids have actually planned a wedding for these two littles. hmmmm.... i don't know if it will ever actually happen, but these photo's would definitely be a hit at there wedding. maybe someday...

i love everything about these photo's and will cherish them forever even if these two don't get married. but, it would sure be fun if they did. check back in 20 years.


  1. "check back in 20 years"

    HAHA! so adorable!


  2. Oh my goodness! I haven't been by to visit in a while and look what a find...the most precious pictures EVER!{especially the last one}