weekend project-mini front yard makeover

this past weekend the mister and i had a little project. we wanted to add a sitting area to our front yard. we were kind of going for the feeling of having a front porch with out the actual porch. so, i dug up the area in front of our living room window, ripped out two ugly "trash" bushes and the mister moved a couple of huge rocks, leveled the dirt and laid the flagstone. the flagstone was free from our friends eric + jana (thank you), the chairs were on clearance for $12 (remember) and the table was left here and i just gave it a quick coat of navy blue spray paint. overall, the total cost of our mini front yard makeover was approximately $29. not bad, and we both feel like it makes the house feel a little more cozy and welcoming. it's not complete though. i want to add a large potted tree or plant to cover up the fence and i also spray painted (i am in love with spray painting) some tin flower pots from ikea with red, to plant some more succulents. we are hoping that the natural baby tears that grow in this area will fill in soon and give it that last final touch.

just in case you were wondering, i am totally being inspired for colors by this shirt i found at the thrift store and this wedding i saw when i was looking at this guys blog and the ranch where they had it. love. oh and if you're looking at the wedding photos, scroll all the way down until you see the brides bouqet. it's awesome and something i think i am going to start collecting for my girls wedding. (that is if she gets married).

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