two things for today

first thing

i am pretty sure this cute little pink donut has been popping up on many peoples blogs lately. that's because this past weekend we all went to a really fun blog conference where we were inspired, encouraged and blessed beyond belief. i met some new blog friends and some old blog friends and a good time was had by all. there were over 150 women (and one man), lots of sugar, great guest speakers and giant balloons as part of the decor, so you can imagine what a great time we all had.

second thing

ok, so i try to clean out my car at least once a week because for some reason my children think that my car is like an extension of their room or their closets for that matter. this week, (and this is not unusual) there were 6 pairs of shoes in my car. granted, one of the pairs was mine, but that's because we went to disneyland and my tootsies were killing me so bad, i had to take them off before i got home. but, the rest of them were the kiddo's. two for the little fella and three for the little miss. not only that i think i threw away approximately, 10 lollipop sticks. really, did my kids eat 10 lollipops between them and where was i when this was happening? i don't know, but i do know there's a new rule in our house (car), and that's you can't get in my car without wearing shoes and you can get out without wearing shoes. how about you do you have any car rules that will help keep the chaos out of my car?

if you're stopping by for the first time, glad you did and i hope you come again. it was really nice meeting you this past weekend.


  1. My car is a pig sty. I vacuum the sucker out and 2 days later.. nasty-ville. I am with you on trying to find some order to my chaos/car world. I couldn't help but take a quick pic of the donut and then eat it immediately. :)

  2. My husband gets so irritated with my messy car. I must say that while I was at Blog Sugar and he had the kids--someone left milk in his car and it spilled and spoiled. My car NEVER gets THAT bad. Lol

  3. Weren't the balloons fun?
    So glad you were there....<3

  4. Bummed we didn't get to meet at Blog Sugar. I was there also. Wasn't it just AMAZING?
    And, your car looks like mine...so many random shoes & food wrappers. You are not alone :)

  5. Yay for the little pink donut! Yay for blog sugar! So glad we got to share it together!

  6. thanks ladies for stopping by my blog. it was so fun meeting all of you and those of you that i didn't, there's always next year, right?:) can't wait to look through your blogs and get to meet you there. thanks again for visiting. xoxo, christina

  7. oh and rachel, thanks for an amazing day and all of your hard work:)

  8. The stories my car good tell :) It's always embarrasing when one of the children open the door to get out and a water bottle or a shoe or a hamburger wrapper comes flying out. The life of a mom. I was at Blog Sugar too. Wasn't it amazing?

  9. valerie, blog sugar was amazing and yes i met you with andee. it was nice meeting and i will be over to your blog real soon, right after i clean my car again! just kidding, but seriously it needs it again. thanks for stopping by, xoxo, christina

  10. oh, it was an amazing night!! hooray for blog sugar!! (and for little pink donuts!)