what we are wearing today

ok, so i know it's been a super long time since my last post, but i just haven't been feeling it lately and if i'm not feeling it then i don't want to do it. i also, never do what we are wearing post because frankly, were just not that cool...until today. the little fella actually is the inspiration behind this post. today was the first day he picked out his own outfit. yes, he picked it out all by himself. it's definitely questionable, but it's his first, so we won't hold it against him and actually i kind of like it and his funky style. so here it goes...

(this is his model pose, seriously done all on his own)
he picked his red, white striped mickey mouse christmas jammie top with these plaid shorts. talk about mixing your patterns. but, then i realized the apple does not fall far from the tree...

me, the mama is wearing stripes with plaid too! yes, this was intentional. i know it may not be your thing, but lately for some reason i am liking this mix of patterns as long as they have complimentary colors. i know it's probably crazy and i will look back at this and say to myself, "really, that's what i picked out to wear for the day?" but, i'm liking it now and that's all that matters.

then, there's the little miss sporting the dress that me, the mama made for her in my sewing class and we both love it and she probably has the most style out of us all. owls and polka dots how could you resist?

one final look before we head out the door... if there was a thought bubble above his head it would read, "hot dog, i look good!"

here's the question, do you or would you let your kiddo out in their pj's?

on garebear: pajama shirt from disney, plaid shorts from milk and honey, shoes from saucony
on me, the mama: striped shirt from old navy, skirt and sandles mossimo from target
on avery: dress made with love from her mama, shoes from birkenstock

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  1. Ofcourse I would le them out in PJ's as long as they rocked the look as Garrett is so obviously doing!!! And, AVERY...so cute!!!!!