sweet potato + black bean enchilada's

we have been trying to eat out less over here, so for the past few nights
i've actually made dinner and it doesn't involve a box with the words
mac + cheese on it. i think i've said it before i'm really not a cook and i really
don't enjoy it, but i am beginning to think that the more i do it i just might
actually like it. i made up this recipe a couple of years ago when we had some
friends that are vegetarian over for dinner. it turns out to be one of the
mister's favorite dishes, so i made the other night for dinner.
here's what i did...

sweet potato + black bean enchilada's

1. quarter and steam about 4-5 sweet potatoes until soft. cool, remove skin and mash.
2. drain and rinse 1 can of black beans
3. heat 8-10 corn tortillas, each separately in skillet with canola oil for approx 30 seconds just to soften them. place between paper towels to absorb excess oil.
4. fill each tortilla with a spoonful of sweet potato + a spoonful of black beans, roll and place into baking dish.
5. pour a bottle of enchilada sauce ( **trader joes makes a really good red enchilada sauce) over enchiladas and top with cheese.
6. bake on 350* for approx. 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and a little crunchy around the edge.
7. let stand for 5-10 minutes and enjoy.

** i know some of you real chefs out there would never use anything out of a bottle, but i have two kiddo's and making everything from scratch just isn't happening around here.

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