october + little miss = party time

as you know, the little miss turned 6 this past week.
for her party this year she chose to have a gnome party.
inspired by our favorite gnome movie, the gnome mobile
we went to planning. my friend over at piccadilly studios designed
all of the graphics, and with her designs i was able to create some
really fun decorations for the party...

the little miss has a major sweet tooth, so a candy table was appropriate
for this occasion i added some red + white polka dot ribbon to some vases,
along with our special designs and some sweet treats this turned
out to be a big hit.

i made this garland by punching out different size circles
and attaching them to yarn with double stick tape.

going green, i have been saving tin cans for this purpose
not only for the party, but these make cheap, easy vases
if you want to take a bouquet of flowers to a neighbor
or friend too. (daisies our the little misses favorite too)

i made necklaces for our little party guest.
i order the wood pieces of off etsy and then used
double stick foam tape to attach the decorative piece and
completed it with a piece of yarn as the chain.

i made the birthday girl her very own giant mushroom cake,

and little mushroom cupcakes for our guest.

for the party favors each guest got a nature journal,
a cute bookmark, and a natural twig pencil.

my birthday girl.

it turned out to be a great party and
i think all of the kiddo's had a great time.
to see more of what went on throughtout the day go here.

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