more rainy days

the weather has been weird here in southern california.
it's been super hot here one week and then cold and rainy the next.
this week brings us cold and rainy with thunder and lightning to boot.
when the weather is like this i like to post up at home where it is nice and dry
and do things are sometimes busy life doesn't allow.
so today this is what we did...

we watched and listened to the rain along
with the lighting and thunder

this has been one of the heaviest rains we have had in a while
(i love it!)

we cuddled up with some good books

we ate leftover homemade chili and trader joe's cornbread
(*recipe below)

we played games and enjoyed time at home with each other
fun times!

* so yes, i made homemade chili last night for dinner. if you know me,
you know i really don't cook. i wish i would cook more but i really don't enjoy it.
but, seeing as how i didn't have anything prepared for dinner i threw together
the following ingredients to make this chili, that actually was very tasty.
so if you find yourself in a pinch for dinner tonight or
some other time here's what i did for my easy chili...

1. chop one onion and one green pepper. saute in frying pan with 1tbls cooking oil, until onion is transculent. add 1lb of ground beef cook until browned.
2. drain and rinse 1 can each of pinto and black beans. add to large pot along with i can of diced tomato's, ground beef, and approx. 2 cups of water.
3. season with salt and pepper, 1tbls+ chili powder, 1tsp+cumin and 1/2 cup+ ketchup. bring to a boil and then let simmer for 20 - 30 mins.
4. top with cheese and/or sourcream. bake some cornbread and voila, you have dinner!


  1. I LOVE making chili! And this recipe look super tasty, so I may have to try it!!! Oh, and just so i can say it again, you kids are SO cute!