10 years ago today

on october 21, 2000 i married my one and only true love. it's hard to believe that 10 years has come and gone so quickly. it seems like just yesterday i was a 16 year old girl meeting the mister for the first time, who by the way captured my heart on that very first night. we first met at a high school bible study. i was the weird girl who shopped at thrift stores and wore baggy overalls almost everyday. he was the silly, goofy class clown, always making people laugh. when i was first introduced to him i thought he was cute and definitely funny, but i would never go out with a red head, i mean that was too weird. but, the more i got to know this funny fella, the more i liked him. i couldn't wait for friday nights because that was bible study night and that's when i would see him. we became pretty good friends, but it never became more than that. after a year of liking him, i decided he was kinda clueless and i got a new crush. we did however always remain good friends. we would hangout occasionally, we talked on the phone every once and while, we saw each other at church, and we even went to hawaii together with a group of friends. he liked a few different girls during this time and i liked a few different guys during this time, but i feel like i always knew he would be the one. i even would joke with my best friend that someday i would probably end up marry "jeff beck". this went on for 7 years until finally in 1999 the mister decided to take a trip around the country. he was going to be gone for a month and half. i was excited for him to do the trip, but at the same time i was sad too because i knew i wouldn't see him at church for a month. i knew that i wouldn't be able to go get coffee with him after church on wednesday nights (even though i hate coffee), and i wouldn't be able to call him up to see if he could hangout on a friday night. i knew then that i really did like him for more than just a friend. of course, i didn't tell him that. i told him to enjoy his trip and to call me when he got back. gosh, that month seemed like forever, but i had decided in that month, that it was now or never. you see the mister was not very savvy when it came to girls. he was clueless to the fact that girls actually liked him and if anything more was going to become of our friendship, i was going to have to initiate it. just so you know this was so not me. i really believed that the guy should be the first to make a move but, after hearing one of the pastor's wife speak at a women's bible study on how she and her husband would've never been married if it wasn't for her, i was convinced that it was now or never. so, when he got back i didn't wait for his call, i called him and you know what i am super glad i did because the rest my friends is history. we started dating officially on july 21, 1999, he proposed in march of 2000 and we were married 7 months later 10 years ago today...

happy anniversary my love.
it's been the best 10 years of my life.

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  1. oh,love this and i never realized how much Avery looks like you. She's a mini Christina!