on the shelf

if you don't know this already we love books over here.
we have a lot of books and i keep buying a lot of books
and we just can't get enough books around here. we
will be starting our first official year of homeschooling
this coming week. our main "curriculum" consists of
reading, reading and more reading. to organize my
thoughts and our bookshelf i thought it would be
helpful to lump some of our books into months.
because we have so many books i put them into
catergories that i would like to go over with the
little miss through out the school year.
so this is what i did... i organized them accordingly,
stacked them neatly, tied them with twine
and attached a cute little tag i made with my new stamps
i just purchased. i'm pretty pleased with the outcome
and i feel a little more prepared for the school year.
my idea is each month we will unwrap a set of books
and place them in a basket for that month of reading.
of course, we have several shelves of untied books that
are classic and timeless and just need to be enjoyed
year round, but for now i am excited about my book
packages and i look forward to their unwrapping
throughout the year.

here's a few books on our reading list for this year...
beatrix potter collection
little house on the prairie
winnie the pooh series
miss rumphius
five little peppers and how they grew
one morning in maine
the jolly postman
mr. pine's mixed up signs
the story of babar
the little island
make way for ducklings
frog and toad
little bear

and the list goes on and on and on......

from our home to yours we hope all of you have a wonderful, successful school year.

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