we've been busy...

yes we have. we started our school a couple weeks ago and it has been non-stop since.
lots of nature, lots of reading, and lots of fun. for one of our school days our
home school group took a trip up to riley's apple farm. most of the families in our
group are reading the little house books and we all agreed that this would be a fun
trip to give the kiddo's a little taste of little house life. and it was we all had such a
great time. here's some of our photo's (there's actually alot)
that captured our day....

we gathered apples and lined them up

we pumped water for various projects like laundry and watering the garden

we hauled it back to the laundry station

we did the laundry

we hung apples for the winter

we built a log cabin

we ground our own coffee beans,
started a fire from nothing,
and brewed this tasty coffee

the mister enjoyed his cup.
the last one of the day and he said
it was the best coffee he had

we peeled apples

we made dolls out of corn husk

we played with friends

we washed apples and made apple cider

we made a kazoo from two sticks and a rubber band

we enjoyed a tractor ride around the orchard

we picked apples

we enjoyed each other

we ate carmel apples

we loved it!

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