good things . two

have you visited your local library lately? if not you need to do so.
we are super lucky to have a great library so close to our home that
has a great summer program for the kiddo's, great shows, weekly story times,
and a used book sale. i think i have told you before that i am a book nerd,
a big book nerd. so, this past week on what is usually a weekly visit to our library,
i stopped by the used book section. i am so glad i did. i found a ton of books
and i only paid six bucks for all of them. isn't that crazy? so, of course i am addicted
to the used book sale now and i had to go back again. no joke, it was two days later
and believe it or not i found another stack of books for another six bucks.
check it out, i found some classics...

trip # one: the first stack
frog and toad together, mary poppins in the park,
to huge walt disney books, peter and the wolf, heidi,
a wrinkle in time, madeline, make way for ducklings,
and much, much more!

trip # 2: the second stack
mike mulligan and the steam shovel, the magic finger,
2 vintage barbie books from 1964, goodnight moon,
one morning in maine, push kitty, goggles,
the house that jack built, and again much, much more!

of course, these are all good things,
but another good thing about it is we visited our library
four times last week, yes four times and the kiddo's
were totally excited each time - now that to me is a
good thing.

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